4 Factors That Suggest Driveway Paving Services Are Needed

4 Factors That Suggest Driveway Paving Services Are Needed

4 Factors That Suggest Driveway Paving Services Are Needed

7 February 2022
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Residential driveway damages can be a sign of needing paving repairs or a new driveway. Homeowners get used to seeing their driveways every day and might not realize the subtle damages that are taking place. They might even dismiss obvious damages as normal wear and tear.  Delayed repairs can make it necessary to get a new driveway, but prompt repairs and maintenance can extend the lifespan. The following points indicate when homeowners may notice if they need to consider getting a new asphalt paving project underway.


Almost everything in and on residential property will need to be repaired or replaced at some point. Driveways are one of the first things that passersby and visitors notice about properties. Proper maintenance can improve safety and curb appeal. Some driveway damages are extensive enough to potentially cause damages to vehicles or physical injuries. Asphalt is durable, but as it ages, it may require more frequent repairs, which makes a new paving project a good investment. 

Weathered Appearance

Paved surfaces can sometimes appear dull and faded. This may be due to their age and could be a good reason to get a new driveway if there are other issues identified by a paving contractor. However, UV rays from the sun can cause also cause this phenomenon to occur. A contractor can inspect and might suggest driveway resealing to improve the appearance. This can allow time for homeowners to plan and budget their projects. 


The extent of cracks is a determining factor in whether or not to seek repairs or a driveway replacement. This is why paving contractors recommend getting small cracks repaired as soon as possible. If repairs are delayed, there is a risk of the cracks widening and deepening. Thaw and freeze cycles can increase the likelihood of extensive damages from cracks. Substances such as oil may also penetrate through unrepaired cracks and cause more damage. 

Advanced Deterioration

Unrepaired cracks and drainage issues inevitably lead to advanced paving deterioration such as potholes. A homeowner might know that they have small potholes and delay repairs, or they might end up getting repeated paving repairs for potholes. The damages will get progressively worse if they are not repaired. Small potholes will get larger. If there are underlying drainage issues, the deterioration will continue even if repairs are made.

A paving contractor is a good resource to use to identify the best strategy to get your driveway looking its best. They can determine if there are repair options that can improve the appearance and give you more time to prepare for a new installation.  

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