Should You Seal Your Concrete Driveway? Yes! Here's Why

Should You Seal Your Concrete Driveway? Yes! Here's Why

Should You Seal Your Concrete Driveway? Yes! Here's Why

23 February 2022
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For those living in a hot climate, concrete is a better choice for a driveway than asphalt. Concrete lasts decades and the maintenance is low.

While a concrete driveway has advantages, it is also important to seal the area. You can hire a concrete sealing company to do so. The sealant provides protection and keeps the driveway looking fresh.

What Are the Benefits of a Sealed Concrete Driveway?

Compared to asphalt, concrete is a good choice for a long-lasting durable driveway. While a concrete driveway performs well even if it isn't sealed, there are advantages to doing applying a sealant.

  • Prevents cracking
  • Repels moisture
  • Resists stains
  • Makes the driveway last longer
  • Prevents fading

Concrete is a tough material, but if water gets inside through a crack or hole, it loses its strength and durability.

What Are Some Tips to Maintaining Sealed Concrete?

Concrete is a long-lasting material, and you can ensure it has a long life span by providing proper maintenance.

  • Remove stains right away
  • Keep it clean of debris
  • Don't use chemicals  

It's fine to use a pressure washer to clean away stains and spills from the driveway. You should, however, avoid using certain de-icing chemicals. These products cause damage from thawing and freezing.

How Often Does Concrete Require Sealants?

How often you need to have concrete resealed depends on the type of sealant used. Two common sealers, urethane and epoxy, generally last about 10 years. However, if your drive has a lot of heavy traffic the sealant may only last 5 years.

Reactive penetrating sealers are the longest-lasting. These sealants soak into the concrete and form a chemical reaction that bonds with the substrate. This type of sealer lasts as long as two decades or more.

Can I Seal My Old Concrete Driveway?

If you have an older concrete driveway that hasn't been sealed, you can still seal it at any time. Before doing so, make sure to clean the concrete first.

Take time to clean away any mold, rust, grease, mildew or oil that is on the driveway first. You don't want these sealed into your driveway. Adding the sealant can add many more years to your concrete surface.

Sealants are a good idea for all types of concrete surfaces. If you have questions about sealing costs or need other information, contact a local concrete sealing company for assistance. The professionals can help you decide which product is best for your needs.

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