5 Reasons To Consider An Asphalt Overlay For Your Driveway

5 Reasons To Consider An Asphalt Overlay For Your Driveway

5 Reasons To Consider An Asphalt Overlay For Your Driveway

25 February 2022
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If your current driveway shows signs of wear and tear, you may want to consider an asphalt overlay. It involves laying a thin asphalt layer on the existing structure instead of digging it up and laying it afresh. This can be a great option for driveways that need repair and start showing signs of age. An asphalt overlay works well when there is no deeper structural damage. It can restore your asphalt driveway to its former looks and extend its lifespan. There are several reasons to consider an asphalt overlay:

1. More Affordable Than New Asphalt

An asphalt overlay can be a less expensive alternative to replacing your current driveway. The process is less labor-intensive and uses less material than a full asphalt replacement. This is why an asphalt overlay can cost significantly less than a new asphalt installation. In addition, there is more cost-efficiency when you consider ‌lifespan extension, which translates to more returns on your initial investment. 

2. Time Efficiency and Fewer Traffic Disruptions   

When you plan to replace your driveway, it can take several days to remove the old driveway and install the new one. An asphalt overlay is a much quicker process because only the top layer needs to be removed and replaced. In addition, it works well for high-traffic areas since there is less traffic disruption. 

3. More Sustainable Using Recycled Asphalt   

An asphalt overlay takes advantage of recycled materials and reduces the amount of new asphalt that needs to be used. It translates to a lower need for generating the materials that make asphalt and the energy used in the processes. An asphalt overlay also reduces asphalt waste going to the environment.

4. Restores Surface Waterproofing   

Asphalt overlays are a good way to restore the surface waterproofing on your driveway. When you add an asphalt overlay, you can expect to see an improvement in runoff and water absorption. It prevents water infiltration and the damage it causes to the driveway's understructure. 

5. Make Surface Easier to Clean and Maintain  

An asphalt overlay will also improve the overall appearance of your driveway, making it easier to clean and maintain. Your driveway will look newer for longer. It gives a boost in aesthetic appeal and makes your property more valuable.

Asphalt overlays are a great option for driveways that need repair. It is an ideal option for prolonging your driveway. Call a paving contractor today to learn more about what an asphalt overlay can do for your driveway. 

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