5 Advantages of Asphalt Fog Sealers in Sealcoating

5 Advantages of Asphalt Fog Sealers in Sealcoating

5 Advantages of Asphalt Fog Sealers in Sealcoating

1 March 2022
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An asphalt fog seal is a treatment used to protect and improve the appearance of asphalt pavement. It is a combination of asphalt, water, and an emulsifying agent that is sprayed onto the pavement's surface. Fog sealers are typically used on structurally sound paved surfaces. It is used for sealcoating existing asphalt surfaces to delay further fading, weathering, and raveling. It alters the chemistry of the asphalt surface to restore its viscoelasticity and make the surface flexible again. What are the advantages of using fog sealers for sealcoating?

1. Restore Surface Waterproofing 

Asphalt fog seal restores the waterproofing of the pavement and prevents water from penetrating the subsurface. It keeps off water damage which can accelerate damage from weather exposure. This also eliminates the problems of potholes, cracks, and deterioration that are typically associated with aging asphalt surfaces. 

2. Restore Flexibility to Prevent Crumbling     

Weather exposure and oxidation make asphalt hard and prone to crumbling from traffic weight. Asphalt fog seal restores flexibility to prevent crumbling. It restores the elasticity of the surface that is lost due to weathering, oxidation, and aging. This property makes it possible for fog sealing to protect against raveling and wearing off.

3. Create an Even Attractive Look     

Asphalt fog seal creates an even more attractive look on asphalt surfaces. It improves the appearance of old asphalt surfaces by creating a uniform and smooth surface. This sealcoating fills minor cracks to create an even and smooth surface. 

The smooth, even surface has an attractive look with a clear contrast between the pavement and colored striping. It also makes maintenance of the pavement surface easier. In addition, it can help extend the life of the pavement by cleaning off chemical pollutants. 

4. Sealing of Minor Cracks     

Asphalt fog seal covers minor cracks and raveling to prevent further pavement surface deterioration. It prevents the asphalt from flaking off due to loss of adhesion caused by minor cracks and raveling. Sealing these minor cracks blocks off pathways for water penetration. It can delay the deterioration of the pavement by several years. 

5. Delayed Raveling     

Asphalt fog seal delays raveling of the pavement by restoring adhesion of the asphalt pavement. In addition to creating a tight water seal that prevents water from penetrating the pavement, the fog sealer keeps the aggregates bound together and prevents attrition of the pavement structure. Also, asphalt fog sealers are relatively affordable, making preventative maintenance cheap.

Are paved surfaces on your property looking worn and faded? Talk to a paving contractor about suitable sealcoating applications to extend the lifespan. 

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