3 Incentives To Invest In Residential Pavement Sealcoating

3 Incentives To Invest In Residential Pavement Sealcoating

3 Incentives To Invest In Residential Pavement Sealcoating

22 March 2022
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An excellent way to make your front yard presentable is to install a pavement that establishes a smooth transition from your lawn to your entryway. And more homeowners are choosing asphalt as their residential pavement construction material of choice. It gives your pavement a deep black color that establishes design continuity in your outdoor space. The downside though is, over time, asphalt's original color tends to fade to a dull, almost gray appearance. Luckily, you can prevent this from happening by investing in pavement sealcoating. Keep reading to learn why you should contact sealcoating services after you install your residential pavement.

Make Your Pavement Non-porous

Since the sealcoating mixture is made of aggregates that are finer than what you find in asphalt, applying it over your pavement prevents water intrusion into its structure. Basically, the sealcoat fills up the air pockets in your pavement, ensuring it stops absorbing runoff water. And if fine cracks had started forming on the pavement's surface, applying the sealcoat repairs them and prevents them from spreading and widening.

When water cannot penetrate your pavement structure, its foundation's strength is reinforced and will keep the paving steady for longer. Essentially, making your pavement non-porous prevents water damage, allowing your paving to remain in top condition for a couple more years.

Slow Down Oxidation

The reason why exposed asphalt turns somewhat gray over time is due to the formation of a binder over its surface through a process called oxidation. This is a result of constant exposure to the sun's UV rays and the oxygen in the air. And while oxidation cannot be completely avoided, you can decelerate the rate at which it happens, allowing your pavement to remain looking sharp for longer.

You should sealcoat your pavement, preferably immediately after installation to lengthen the time it will remain looking brand new. Sealcoating also protects your pavement from being brittle from extensive oxidation. As such, you minimize the chance of cracks forming and spreading on its surface. Essentially, the sealcoat is a protective layer that keeps your pavement strong and presentable.

Enable Easier Pavement Cleaning

Due to asphalt's coarse aggregates, its surface is a little rough and takes some effort to clean. But when you apply a seal coating layer, the finer aggregates in the mixture smooth out your pavement's surface. As you know, smooth surfaces are easier to clean because you can blast out etched in dirt faster. All you need is a hosepipe and water under high pressure to establish a sustainable pavement cleaning routine.

Now that you know the importance of applying a protective layer over your pavement, this is your cue to commission residential asphalt sealcoating services.

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