Paving Contractors: Can You Repurpose Your Surplus Asphalt?

Paving Contractors: Can You Repurpose Your Surplus Asphalt?

Paving Contractors: Can You Repurpose Your Surplus Asphalt?

3 June 2022
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If you operate a small paving company that's just beginning to obtain customers, you may look for ways to cut expenses and save money. You may even consider reusing the asphalt you obtain from your customers. But if you don't know how to turn old asphalt into something new, you may sell it to a waste disposal company instead. You don't need to sell your old asphalt when you can repurpose or recycle it instead. Read below to learn how you can turn old asphalt into a clean and reusable product.

Is Recycled Asphalt Good to Use?

While it may be easier for you to sell your surplus asphalt pavement to a waste disposal company or send the material to a landfill, it may be more cost-effective for you and less impactful on the environment if you recycle your asphalt instead. Recycled asphalt, also known as reclaimed or repurposed asphalt, serves many purposes. You can turn the material into automotive tires or something else new, or you can use your pavement to create new driveways and parking lots for your customers. 

The recycling process for asphalt paving materials is unique in how you do it. The first thing you do is soften the material to make it more pliable to work with. Next, you remove all of the granules and other components from the surface of the pavement. After you clean the material, you place it in a mixer and combine it with other ingredients to renew it again, such as an asphalt binder or a recycling agent. Once you complete the steps above, you can reuse your asphalt material to carry out jobs for your customers.  

If you're ready to repurpose your asphalt, purchase a recycling machine that can help you do so today.

Is There a Way to Recycle Your Asphalt?

An asphalt recycling machine makes it easier for you to convert old asphalt pavement into a new and reusable product. The machines come in various sizes to meet your needs, including heavy-duty and portable. If you have a large surplus of old asphalt to recycle, a heavy-duty machine may be the option for you.

Recycling machines also come with other unique features that make them ideal for breaking down, cleaning, and repurposing old pavement, including:

  • burners to heat up the mixture before and after you use it
  • diesel-powered generators to save you money on fuel costs
  • temperature monitors to keep you from overheating or burning your mixture

The machines may come with other features you can use during the recycling process. You can learn more about the accessory features when you contact a supplier for services.

Learn how you can repurpose your surplus asphalt pavement by contacting an asphalt pavement recycling supplier today.

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