5 Reasons To Use Faux Brick Material In Your Home

5 Reasons To Use Faux Brick Material In Your Home

5 Reasons To Use Faux Brick Material In Your Home

5 July 2022
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If you love the look of brick but aren't sure it's the best option, look into the modern faux brick materials that are available. There are many reasons why these can be the superior choice for your home project.

1. Economical

Compared to real bricks, faux bricks are much more economical. Not only do faux bricks cost less in materials, but you will also likely save in labor. This is because the faux brick panels can be installed more quickly than heavy true bricks, which means fewer labor hours are needed. 

2. Lightweight

A common challenge with authentic brickwork is its weight. This is especially true when installing it on interior walls, where the weight of the bricks may be too much for the house structure to support. Faux bricks are exceptionally lightweight so they do not compromise the structural integrity of your home in any way. This means you can install them just about anywhere.

3. Durable

Whether you plan to use the synthetic bricks indoors or out, you want a product that can stand the test of time. Fortunately, faux bricks are extremely durable and do not suffer damage easily. They resist weathering, water damage, and even hail damage. Color fading isn't an issue, either. Further, unlike real brickwork that will need the mortar replaced periodically, faux bricks require no ongoing maintenance other than rinsing off the dust when they look dingy.

4. Versatile

Versatility in both design and usage options is a benefit you simply can't overlook. Faux brick panels come in a variety of colors and brick types. You can even find those that mimic stacked stone walls. Further, they can be used in many places. Whether you want to side the house in faux bricks, create a nice brick fireplace, or use faux bricks as an accent wall, there is a product that will fit your design needs.

5. Safe

Synthetic bricks are typically made of polyurethane material, although some do have stone or concrete dust incorporated into them. Although the materials are synthetic, they are chosen to still provide a safe material for use around fireplaces. This means they have a sufficient fire safety rating to keep your home safe. Faux brick used on the exterior of the home also provides a barrier against embers, which is good if you live in a fire-prone area.

Contact a supplier such as Brick Design Co to see all of the faux brick material options that are available so you can find one to complement your home.

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