Three Reasons Why You Might Want An Asphalt Parking Lot For Your Commercial Building

Three Reasons Why You Might Want An Asphalt Parking Lot For Your Commercial Building

Three Reasons Why You Might Want An Asphalt Parking Lot For Your Commercial Building

29 July 2022
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If you're trying to pick the right material for your commercial parking lot, then consider going with asphalt. It's one of the most commonly chosen materials for commercial parking lots, as well as for many other purposes. Asphalt is often used for highways, residential streets, parking lots, driveways, bike paths, and so much more. Here are three big advantages of asphalt: 

1:Asphalt is so easy to keep clean

The parking lot is a reflection of your business, just how the landscaping is. If you have a dirty parking lot, then this doesn't look good to your customers and can leave them doubting your professionalism. Asphalt is very easy to keep clean. For one thing, its dark color makes it great at camouflaging dirt and stains. Also, you can hook up a hose with a powerful nozzle and spray it to wash the dirt away. Once in a while, you can have the parking lot power washed to really get rid of stubborn stains. 

2: Asphalt is easy to keep up with

Asphalt is durable and handles the elements and regular wear well. However, it is just like any other material, and exposure to certain things like UV rays and acids will eventually take its toll on the surface. When cracks start to appear, you can easily have them filled. Then, you can have the surface sealcoated. The sealcoating will cover the whole surface with a fresh coat that will add protection from that point forward. Sealcoating stops cracks from appearing. It also helps to prevent potholes, helps prevent areas of crumbling, and gives the surface back its shiny black look. 

3: Asphalt can be safer to drive and walk on 

There are so many reasons why asphalt is considered to be a safer parking lot surface. For one thing, the paint striping will show up best on the black asphalt. This means cars will really know what direction to drive in, which helps prevent car accidents on the property. Also, the asphalt has a nice grip to it. So, if your business is where it rains, then know that your customers have a parking lot to walk across that's not going to get very slippery and cause them to fall. 


Asphalt is one of the most common parking lot surfaces because it has so much to offer. Plus, it is affordable to have paved. Then, the ongoing maintenance will also be affordable. By sealcoating it, you can get a lot of years out of the asphalt.

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