How Does Sealcoating Protect Your Parking Lot from Damage?

How Does Sealcoating Protect Your Parking Lot from Damage?

How Does Sealcoating Protect Your Parking Lot from Damage?

13 September 2022
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Asphalt is attractive and affordable, making it a perfect material for your parking lot. And if you take good care of it, it can endure stress for many years. But that does not mean asphalt cannot be damaged. Various elements can take a toll on your parking lot with time and eventually ruin it. However, there is a quick and inexpensive way to keep your parking lot safe from harsh elements and prolong its life: sealcoating. Read on to discover three things that can damage your asphalt driveway and how seal coating can help.

1. Sun Damage

Too much sunlight can be harmful to your skin. And the same can be said for your asphalt parking lot. When your asphalt parking lot is exposed to excess sunlight, its temperature rises, making it soft and susceptible to cracks. Its rich black hue may also fade, giving it an ugly gray look. Think of sealcoating as a sunscreen for your asphalt parking lot. It forms a barrier that shields your parking lot from ultraviolet rays, protecting it from overheating and fading. 

2. Winter Weather

After the hot season comes the cold season. And your parking lot won't be safe. The most destructive aspect of winter is the freeze-thaw cycle, which destroys your asphalt parking lot. When the snow on your parking lot melts, the water may find its way between the asphalt particles. Eventually, this water will freeze, expanding and breaking your parking lot binding agents. This results in cracks that will worsen with time. Sealcoating prevents the snow water from seeping through your parking lot, keeping cracks at bay. As others complain about how the cold season ruined their parking lot, you will be happy showing off yours.

3. Oil Damage

Your parking lot offers your cars a safe and clean place. But the same cars can damage it. For example,  your cars can leak oils on your parking lot, weakening the asphalt binding agents. A weak surface lot can crumble or crack easily when your vehicles move on it. Soon your parking lot will have numerous potholes, which could damage your car's suspension and tires. To protect your parking from oil leaks, contact a reliable asphalt sealcoating company. They will install a reliable coating to minimize oil penetration to keep your parking lot intact for as long as possible.

You cannot go wrong with asphalt seal coating if you have an old or newly installed parking lot. It can help keep parking lot damages at bay, prolong its life and add a touch of appeal. Contact a local sealcoating service such as Pro-Seal & Paving, LLC to learn more.

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