Asphalt Paving Misconceptions To Avoid

Asphalt Paving Misconceptions To Avoid

Asphalt Paving Misconceptions To Avoid

26 September 2022
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Over the years that you living in your home, there are many paving projects that you may need to undertake. The first step in preparing to pave sections of your property will be deciding on a material to use for this work. In addition to concrete, asphalt can be an extremely common material to use.  

Misconception: Repairing Asphalt Is Particularly Difficult

Any type of pavement will eventually suffer damage or significant wear that will have to be addressed. When it comes to asphalt, the process of repairing these damages will actually be extremely simple and straightforward. For example, this process may involve filling the damaged area with a small amount of fresh asphalt. This will fully restore the integrity of the asphalt, and if this repair is completed professionally, the patch may be very difficult for people to notice when they are looking at the asphalt.

Misconception: Asphalt Is Not Well Suited For Walkways

Asphalt is most commonly used for surfaces that vehicles will use, such as parking spaces, driveways, and roads. This can lead to some individuals assuming that asphalt is poorly suited for use in walkways. The reality is that asphalt can be an extremely effective option for walking paths on your property. In addition to potentially being more durable than concrete or stone pavers, asphalt can also have a distinctive and enriching black color. This can be a useful way to add contrast to your landscaping's colors. Furthermore, asphalt can work well with a variety of ice removal and prevention systems, which may help you to keep your property accessible and safe during the winter months.

Misconception: Sealcoating Is Not Actually Important For Surfaces That Are Paved With Asphalt

If you choose to use asphalt for your paving project, it is necessary to make sure that you are keeping these surfaces sealcoated. This will offer effective and important protection to the pavement. Without a sealcoat, the asphalt can be more prone to suffering alligator cracking and color fading. Fortunately, a sealcoat will only be needed every several years. While you may be able to apply the sealcoat on your own, it can take a lot of work, and it will require some tools to complete. Hiring an asphalt service contractor to complete this work can be a solution for this need that will be extremely convenient. These professionals can handle all of the work involved with sealcoating the asphalt, and they will likely be more affordable than renting this equipment yourself.

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