Do You Need To Overlay Your Asphalt Pavement? 4 Signs

Do You Need To Overlay Your Asphalt Pavement? 4 Signs

Do You Need To Overlay Your Asphalt Pavement? 4 Signs

6 January 2023
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Asphalt overlay involves laying new asphalt over the existing layer. This is a crucial paving task to undertake if your driveway or parking lot is uneven or has deep cracks. If you're a business owner, overlaying a driveway with potholes or uneven surfaces will help extend your surface's lifespan. Addressing potholes will also prevent slip and fall accidents. As a result, you'll save on costly lawsuits and hospital bills when clients and workers experience such accidents.

Here's an overview of the indicators that your asphalt paving is due for an overlay task. 

The Pavement Has Extensive Damage

Unfortunately, an asphalt overlay isn't suitable for all types of damage. For instance, minor cracks and potholes don't require an overlay since seal coating can solve the issue. However, a pavement overlay is an effective solution for extensive damage, such as wide or long cracks extending deep inside the surface. An overlay is also an excellent solution if there are sections of your driveway with swollen or soft spots.

The Pavement Is Showing Signs of Raveling 

Raveling of asphalt refers to the disintegration of the aggregates that hold the pavement in place. When raveling occurs, your driveway will appear smooth and shiny. Thus, an asphalt overlay might be necessary on the first sign of raveling. By doing this, you will protect vehicles from skidding accidents. Addressing such an issue on time will also prevent extensive pavement damage that may necessitate driveway replacement.

The Asphalt Driveway Is Showing Rutting

Rutting refers to the formation of depression on the asphalt pavement. This occurrence can result from many things, including heavy vehicle traffic and weathering. In addition, if your driveway has poor drainage, it can exacerbate the damage. If you experience this damage, you should contact your paving contractor to mill the affected area and install a layer of asphalt over the damaged one.

The Asphalt Pavement is Beyond Its Service Life

With proper installation and care, your asphalt driveway will serve you for a long time. Nevertheless, the material will wear out after years of use and demand an overlay. So, contact your paving contractor if your asphalt driveway is disintegrating due to its age. They will inspect it and recommend a suitable remedy.

Overlaying your asphalt shingles is vital as it helps improve the driveway's appearance and boost its structural strength. To learn more, contact a commercial paving contractor. They will answer your questions.

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