The Best Natural Stone Paving Materials: Tips From Residential Paving Contractors

The Best Natural Stone Paving Materials: Tips From Residential Paving Contractors

The Best Natural Stone Paving Materials: Tips From Residential Paving Contractors

23 March 2023
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If you prefer a natural outdoor look that matches your environment and home décor, consider using natural stone on your pavements. Natural stone is also more environmentally friendly than concrete because there is less pollution during manufacturing. 

These stones have natural patterns formed by natural processes that are hard to replicate. 

Ask a residential paving contractor to help you choose the best natural stones for your pavements and driveways. Depending on your preferences, the expert can recommend sandstone, limestone, or slate paving. 

Indian Sandstone Slabs 

Indian sandstone is a popular paving material. The slabs have a wide array of colors and are an excellent choice for your home if you prefer a vibrant look for your pavements. Sandstone slabs are comprised of tiny grains held together with concrete and silicon. The silicon helps strengthen slabs, making them durable and resilient. 

Some of the advantages of using Indian sandstone slabs for your pavements include: 

  • A variety of colored slabs to create a vibrant pavement
  • The slabs are easier to cut and layer than natural stone 
  • Indian sandstone slabs are easy to clean

The hardness and resilience of Indian sandstone slabs depend on their compactness. Rainbow slabs are softer than one-color slabs and are easier to work with. Consult a pavement contractor when choosing the slabs for your home to get the right fit for your needs. 

Limestone Slabs 

Limestone has more consistent colored grains than sandstone and has a smoother surface. The stones don't show the riven finish you'll notice on sandstone slabs. Their naturally smooth look helps add uniformity and beauty to your pavements. 

Some of the advantages of using limestone for your pavements include:

  • Limestone has a distinctive smooth look and feel
  • The stone has even colors that give your pavements a uniform look
  • Limestone is easy to cut and work with

On the downside, limestone is susceptible to fading and acid damage. Ask the paving contractor to apply a sealant coat on the pavements to protect them from damage. 

Slate Slabs 

The most outstanding feature of slate that sets it apart from sandstone and limestone is that it is a metamorphic stone formed in layers. The stone's formation gives it a flattened look that is easy to curve and use on pavements. 

Some of the outstanding advantages of slate slabs include: 

  • Slate has exceptional texture and color that doesn't fade as fast as limestone
  • Slate is durable for external flooring
  • Slate is less susceptible to water damage

Slate slabs will create a beautiful look on your exterior space. Hire a qualified residential pavement contractor to install and maintain the slate slabs for the best outcomes.  

For more information, reach out to residential paving contractors near you.

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