Paving The Way With A Well-Drained Parking Lot

Paving The Way With A Well-Drained Parking Lot

Paving The Way With A Well-Drained Parking Lot

6 April 2023
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It's essential to carefully design your parking lot to last a long time and meet your business's needs. For example, your parking lot needs to be thicker if you will be designing it to support the weight of heavy vehicles or if your parking lot will have a lot of traffic. However, a parking lot contractor can help you design your parking lot better.

The Advantages of an Asphalt Parking Lot

While parking lots can be made out of concrete, they are often instead made with asphalt because they are less expensive and easier to install while performing almost as well. They are better for the environment. They are especially ideal in climates that have freeze-thaw cycles. Standing water forms less with asphalt parking lots, and this causes them to be less dangerous for motorists.

What to Expect When Hiring a Parking Lot Pavement Company

One of the issues you need to solve is the adequate drainage of your parking lot. Before solving this problem, they'll obtain the required permits. They will prepare the site for the installation of the parking lot.

They will engage in surface milling under some circumstances. This process involves removing a layer of asphalt used to pave your parking lot originally so that they can add a new layer. They can efficiently perform this task with an asphalt milling machine so that the contractor can prepare for the overlay, which is the new layer of asphalt the contractor is adding. 

Why Your Parking Lot Needs Adequate Drainage

Adequate drainage prevents standing water from causing damage to the pavement. It is part of the process of making sure your parking lot drains correctly. The water will be directed toward a drainage structure so your parking lot can dry more quickly.

The Next Steps

Once the contractor is sure that the asphalt pavement has been graded well enough, installing the base layer is next. They must pour the asphalt, compact it, and mark the pavement.

How to Know That the Installation Was Successful

It's essential to have the asphalt parking lot installed by a company specializing in parking lots. You may see cracks and potholes when a parking lot is not installed correctly. The asphalt might fade. You may notice a lot of standing water. There could also be dips and bumps found on the surface. The sub-base must also be stable. Therefore, it's essential to have your parking lot installed correctly.

For more information, contact a parking lot paving company near you.

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