How Paving Contractors Can Help With Applying New Asphalt Around A Commercial Parking Lot

How Paving Contractors Can Help With Applying New Asphalt Around A Commercial Parking Lot

How Paving Contractors Can Help With Applying New Asphalt Around A Commercial Parking Lot

10 May 2023
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Something you'll probably have to do at some point as a commercial property owner is add new asphalt around the parking lot. This can make it look fresh and help with your property's curb appeal. If you hire asphalt paving contractors for this work, you'll enjoy the following things. 

Get the Appropriate Permits

In order to legally add new asphalt to your parking lot, you need to get the right permits. You may not know what they are or how to get them. This makes it necessary to hire asphalt paving contractors who have a lot of experience working on parking lots.

They can help you get the right permits in a legitimate manner so that whatever work is done to your parking lot, the activities will be perfectly legal. This is a good starting point for adding new asphalt around a parking lot. Once this permit is acquired, you'll receive paperwork that shows proof just in case you need to verify with governing bodies. 

Remove Old Asphalt if Necessary

Before you apply new asphalt to a parking lot, there might be areas where old asphalt needs to come up. Maybe the structural damage is really severe and thus will interfere with the application of new asphalt. In that case, you'll want to work closely with asphalt paving contractors.

It won't be hard for them to remove this asphalt in a safe and methodical manner. They have the proper equipment and manpower. For instance, they can use a cold milling machine to quickly break up and remove asphalt before the new solutions are installed.

Add a Protective Finish Afterwards

If you want to protect the new asphalt that's applied around your parking lot, then you may opt to add a protective finish. This is something that you can get help with if you hire asphalt paving contractors who specialize in the commercial sector.

After new asphalt is set up and has had time to dry, contractors can go in with a protective coating that's formulated for your parking lot and the environment that it's subject to. Contractors will make sure this coating looks nice too.

If you want to add new asphalt to a parking lot to give it a makeover, be sure to hire asphalt paving contractors. They're skilled and will work hard to ensure your new asphalt turns out great, helping you maintain a professional look around your property with ease. 

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